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October 29, 2018

September 28, 2018

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10 ways to start rebalancing your life and taking care of yourself

October 17, 2018


When we feel down, self-neglect is a really easy trap to fall into.  Why is it when we feel down we don’t do the things that make us feel good? I see this all the time.

This is a form of self-punishment.  People feel down so they choose to push themselves down even further, neglecting all the things that make them feel good.  


Even if it’s staying up late at night and watching garbage on the TV, only to feel dreadful the next day. It’s not eating the right food, it’s not doing the exercise that makes you feel really good etc.


So here are 10 things, you can do that can help you to remember to take care of yourself when you’re feeling low.  Remember, it’s very often the small things that make the biggest impact.


  1. Go to bed

So, all the experts change their minds as to how many hours you need to sleep for.  It can get rather confusing.  So, my suggestion to you is aim for what works for you.  You know when you’ve woken up in the morning and you know you’ve had a good night sleep, aim for that.  For example, if it was 8 hours go to bed, but do so that you have an hour to relax, read and then fall to sleep and then have 8 hours.  Get into this routine and do it each day.


  1. Eat well

Oh, the times people tell me that all they’ve had to eat is a ham sandwich and a packet of crisps and they think that’s enough to survive on?  It’s not enough, it’s not even real food, it’s food substitutes, it’s all processed and factory made.  Nice for a treat perhaps but not enough for your body to feel well and thrive on.  Do you know food and mental well-being hold hands? It’s true, you are what you eat, if you eat rubbish well that’s exactly how you’re going to feel.   You can’t honestly feel well not eating well.

Eat green, eat whole, and learn about what Is good for your body and what isn’t.  Your body can’t actually function correctly when you’re feeding yourself food that you were never created to eat.  Go to the fresh fruit and vegetable section in the supermarket and stock up, snack all day on lovely fresh and wholesome food and never let yourself feel hungry.


  1. You time

I see people who literally don’t give themselves a minute to spare.  Always taking care of other people but seriously flagging themselves, all the time.  Fill your own cup first, put your oxygen mask on first, feed yourself first, love yourself first…. That way you can give what you’ve got to give and not what you’re struggling to have for yourself.  

If you enjoy playing a sport, go and play it even if it’s for half an hour or an hour.  If you enjoy crafting, craft. Give yourself permission to do what you enjoy, you don’t have to feel miserable and not enjoy your life, that is not what life is about.  I can guarantee that you will only regret not doing more of the things you love, rather than regret doing all the things you hate and that you find mundane etc.  You’re not going to look back and think I wish I’d done more washing or I wish I’d watched