How It Works

My approach is warm and friendly.  I don't believe in having a clinical setting that you can't relax in.  I personally think that being relaxed is paramount in opening up and feeling comfortable to allow change.

What Services We Offer.

  • One to One Hypnosis, Meditation and Life Coaching

  • Online Anti-Anxiety and Depression Meditation Course

  • Small-Group Anti-Anxiety Course, 8 weeks

  • Small Pain Management Course, 13 weeks


What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a complementary medicine that enables your mind to relax and to create focussed attention, where the fully qualified hypnotherapist can guide you with suggestions to aid your mind to accept a positive change to your situations.  At White Willow, we use hypnotherapy especially to help people to recover from mental illness, our specialism is panic attack removal and the recovery from depression and anxiety. Read More


How Coaching Works.

Sometimes we feel lost in life, perhaps you feel you haven’t found your passion, maybe a relationship breakdown has left you feeling low, or your job isn’t your dream.  Whatever it is, coaching can help to guide you in the right direction.  At White Willow, we can help you find what you feel is missing. Read More


Online Meditation?

Meditation is an exercise where you use a technique like mindfulness, or where you think about something, in particular, perhaps that will be something you want or something you want to heal from.  The practice of meditation enables your awareness and attention to become stronger and through both meditation and hypnotherapy, you can heal what you feel is broken to enable you to feel well and balanced. Read More


Meditation Groups.

On the groups, there is a maximum of four attendees, we don’t ask you to discuss what you are attending for, you simply arrive to a warm welcome, we meditate and allow the healing process to begin. Contact Us


Do You Need to Bring Anything to The Session? 

Sometimes it helps to write a few things down before the session so that you don’t forget them when you arrive.  

We provide your drinks. 

Group Meditation 




One to One 


£80 under 18's