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A bedtime story



Sophie loved listening to A Star for Christmas, so much so, she requests it every night! Sophie has talked a lot about it..about how it’s important to be kind to yourself and also others, especially when they may not be shining so bright. As a parent, I loved how kind and soothing Charlotte’s voice is and how the story emphasises self-kindness and worth and how important it is to be yourself, all of which I think are essential to a happy and positive life. I would highly recommend Charlotte’s stories for children and adults alike!

Faye B


"My son struggles with listening when I'm reading to him, as bedtime approaches, he's jumping all over the bed.  As soon as I turned on A Star for Christmas he sat down, got into bed and followed the instructions to listen and get snuggled in.  He loved the story and really engaged with what Charlotte was saying.  He then went to sleep, it was all abit bizzare really as I wasn't really expecting him to engage.  We've had it on every night and I've just bought the other stories too. 

Helen O


Well, I have truly fallen in love with Charlottes Stories Audiobooks, we have listened to Rainbow Valley and Sat Beneath the Willow Tree before and now to have a Christmas one too is lovely. We've actually been listening to the first two for the past year, they've become a part of our family routine at night. 

Emma M

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