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Writing bespoke meditations


Bespoke Services Offered

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Bespoke Meditations

Are you a coach, yoga instructor or business owner who wants to offer clients a meditation created just for your use in your company? I can deliver you a bespoke meditation with music included for exactly what you want. Get in touch to offer your clients their bespoke recording.

Exclusive Use Price £200

Non-Use-Exclusive £110

Your Poetry

Have you written a piece of poetry and would love to hear how it sounds in an audio version for you to use on your youtube channel, website or for personal use? I can deliver just that. Provide the text and you will receive a completed audio with music included if you wish.

Time dependant

3 to 10 minute audio £50

10 to 20 minute audio £70

20 to 30 minute audio £90

For longer times POA

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Voice Overs

Are you looking for a friendly voice to voice your company, adverts, cartoon characters? 


Solar system Scope Voice Over


Minimani Toys Voice Over


Teresa Martin Ink

Teresa Martin Ink


MiniMani Toys


For meditation voice overs

If I could tell you something, it would be that you are worth it, you are worth healing and you are worth everything.