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Only £1.85 per week.

Before You Get Started

Only £1.85 per week.


I don’t know how you stumbled across this course but perhaps you’re feeling as though you need help and support?  I normally work one to one with clients but I had in my heart the feeling that I needed to offer access to everyone.


Over the years I’ve encountered many amazing recoveries from people I've worked with who didn’t think they would ever get better but they did.  


I myself and clients have felt frustrated over the years with different kinds of therapies, everything seemed to be about looking back over the past, time and time again and granted, occasionally that is absolutely necessary, but often their need was to work towards their future. 


This course is here to offer you the tools that can help you move into the life and the future you want.


This course is not to replace a doctor, but to help you retrain your mind in a more positive way.  Have you heard of neuroplasticity? It’s all about the retraining of the brain. 


Sometimes, when you don’t want to feel a certain way, yet you can’t seem to help it, your mind has formed a habit, it has automatically learnt to sway to the negative side.  It gets stuck and can’t remember how else to think.  


To recover from mental health problems and negative thinking, you need to re-train the brain to think in a positive way.  

That won’t happen if you continue to look at all of the things that have caused you problems in the past, you will just be continuing to train your brain to think in the same way that's been making you feel unhappy. 


If you start to take your mind away from problems past and look at things in a more positive frame of mind you will begin to train your brain to look at solutions and not problems.


You will begin to separate your brain from negative and positive and you will begin to automatically look at the positive solutions in life.

When we want to retrain the brain we have to be a little repetitive, because as the brain needs that constant reminder to change into positive thinking.  Don't worry though eventually, positive thinking will become natural. 


Even when you have spent many years feeling depressed, stressed, unhappy or anxious, you can retrain your brain.  I've come across so many clients where a professional has told them that they will be depressed or anxious for the rest of their lives.  They've come to have therapy with me as a last resort (which is often the case) and guess what, they have made a full recovery because we retrained the brain. I reminded them that they are allowed to be happy and to focus on what makes them feel good.  

 Sometimes we just need that helping hand to get us started, something that will just push us along.

 That one door can open a million other doors.


I recommend that you take seven days to complete each week.  Set some time aside as though you are actually attending a therapy session.  Give yourself time and space, and enjoy the things that have been set.  This will be enjoyable, at the same time as moving your life into a more positive direction.  

We’re so good at living the lives we think we should live that we forget the life we actually want to live.  


You don’t need motivation, energy or will power to do the things in this course, so forget the words motivation, willpower and energy and just start.  Give yourself permission to begin. Take that first step and be welcoming of change. 

There is no magic wand and you have to start somewhere. It’s all set out for you, just follow the instructions and have fun and enjoy welcoming yourself back into your life.  You are worth it and your life has been waiting for you.


I have personally tried and tested everything and know that these things work from using them over the years with myself and many clients.


Come on then, let's get started.

Charlotte x

Only £1.85 per week.

The recordings are meditations are not hypnosis, the recordings are aimed at topics that have been covered in the course on the specific weeks.


Please do not listen to the recordings if you have epilepsy or unsure if meditations negatively affect you, are driving or in a caregiving environment.  Please check with your doctor if you are not sure.  When you start the course you are agreeing to the knowledge that you are taking responsibility of yourself and you are not the responsibility of White Willow Hypnotherapy or Charlotte Spivey.


The best place to do the meditations is in bed, sitting or lying down.  You can also use them to help you drift off to sleep when you are ready for bed. 

Did you know that White Willow bark is a natural pain reliever?

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